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1503, 2017

Service area

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Great Care Lawn Service is located in Worcester, MA and our service area covers all of central MA. We have customers near the border of NH and also near the border of RI. Our area is beginning to expand east and west of Worcester as well. Here is a list [...]

303, 2017

Caterpillar Dormant Oil Spray

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After the incredible damage caused by a waive of caterpillars last year, let's protect our landscape early, before that happens again. We can spray every tree on your property and along the wood line to make sure they do not hatch this year. One dormant oil spray will typically take [...]

1001, 2017

2017 Lawn Care Program

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Happy New Year! We hope that this year is great for you and your family! As we get ready for the 2017 season, we wanted to make our program available online for everyone to check and reference throughout the year. The products listed were used last year and may change [...]

2806, 2016


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<---  Trees look like this?? If you remember the incredibly popularized caterpillar that was always known for its sensational hunger, then it is no surprise that the creatures you find eating the leaves off your tree are just as hungry as their ancestor. Caterpillars are becoming quite an issue these [...]

1406, 2016

Weeds; Clover and sedge grass

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Clover Clover is one that you may not be able to picture right away, so close your eyes and simply imagine a small flower that has multiplied by 1000 (maybe) and completely speckled your lawn. Those are clovers. Most lawns have these weeds, and they really don’t do any harm [...]

1406, 2016

Weeds, dandelions and crabgrass

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Let’s be honest, talking about weeds gets your blood boiling just a little. Preventing and controlling weeds are possibly the most frustrating aspects of lawn care. Finding your strength and willpower being challenged by the strength and willpower of a plant can make your frustration peak to the point of [...]

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