Tick & Mosquito Program

Stopping Problems Before They Start

Great Care offers singular event sprays for your outdoor parties, or treatment programs that provide full year protection. We target the perimeter of the property, around the foundation of the house and all problem areas. This process will eliminate fleas and ticks for several weeks, and drastically reduce the mosquito population.

Individual Sprays

Our individual applications are a safe and effective way to kill ticks and to drastically reduce the mosquito population in the unkempt areas of your lawn in preparation for a backyard party. The sprayed area will be safe to enter a couple hours after the treatment is applied, and will be free of bugs. Contact us today and get ready to host an insect-free event!

Annual Spray Program

Our professional team can treat your property with a liquid spray in areas where ticks and mosquitoes thrive. It is an odorless product that leaves no visible residue and is primarily used for bi-monthly and quarterly pest control, and can last up to two months. We suggest treating your property 5 times a year with your scheduled lawn care visits. That will provide consistent protection that will keep your property mosquito and tick free for the entire season.

We are an eco-friendly business that offers organic alternatives and we always strive to improve resource conservation.

Organic Spray Options

We also offer organic spray alternatives which still provides similar quality results when compared to our standard insecticide sprays. It is a natural oil base product and even smells good once applied and dries quickly. With our professional application, you’ll be able to relax outdoors without the hassle of bugs and pests.

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