Image result for crabgrassCRABGRASS!! AHHHH!

Okay, raise your hand if you know what crabgrass is. Well, let’s keep reading because even if your hand is up, a little more knowledge never hurt anyone (especially when you’re learning how to make your lawn the greatest spot in town).

Crabgrass is an annual weed – it drops seeds throughout the year and dies off with the first frost. The following year the seeds grow and a new crop of crabgrass.  While the plant is growing, it weakens the area surrounding the weed thanks to its root toxins. It gives the grass an unfortunate circular patch that is not quite fun to look at.

This weed sprouts in the spring and grows throughout the year until the end of the summer… which means that in those last few weeks of sunshine, crabgrass reaches the peak of its ugliness (sorry crabgrass).

“Why do I have crabgrass?”

  • Crabgrass loves full sunlight and needs very little water
  • It thrives in weaker areas of the lawn, especially along concrete or asphalt
  • When grass dies off from disease or drought, crabgrass usually fills in the area

“I don’t want crabgrass!”

This weed will naturally die during the first frost in the fall, but if that isn’t soon enough, here are some tips to prevent a take over…

  • Mow higherImage result for crabgrass
  • Improve soil conditions with consistent lime and fertilizer applications
  • Keep lawn watered – grass likes moisture, crabgrass likes dry areas
  • MORE GRASS!! The best preventer is a healthy, full lawn
  • Herbicides – crabgrass preventer
  • Post emergent spray – once the weed has started to grow, apply a liquid spray

Crabgrass is the most common weed and complaint that homeowners have. It’s a process to control it, starting with filling in weak areas with more grass, herbicide treatments and creating a healthy environment for grass to grow.

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CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO – Here is more information from a source we rely on – Allyn Hane, The Lawn Care Nut. He explains crabgrass in a great way, give it a watch if you have a few minutes – Allyn Hane talks crabgrass