I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it is already MARCH. March is just one step away from April and you know what they say about April… April showers bring May flowers. And you know what the say about showers… showers are the weather of spring. Which means that April is probably spring, am I right?

OKAY, my point is that spring is approaching and will be here any day now.

First I’ll give you the plan for the lawn, these steps are in this specific order for a reason… so don’t stray away from it!
  • 1st: Spring Thatching (heavy raking to remove thatch and dead debris)
  • 2nd: Seeding – You have a short window for this! The seeding needs time to germinate before it gets too warm outside, so seed early.
  • 3rd: Fertilizer – Here’s the thing though, if crabgrass control is used it will kill the seed that you might have put down. However, there is a product out there that controls crabgrass while also acting as a starter fertilizer. You could use this product, or just use a straight starter with no weed control.
    Products that won’t kill the seed:
    Tupersan, Mesotrione
    Scotts Starter with Crabgrass Preventer
    Products that will kill the seed:
    Dimension, prodiamine, Halt’s
    Other crabgrass controls
  • 4th: Lime the yard
  • Remember to not do these out of order! You definitely do not want to thatch after a crabgrass application is put down. You see, the crabgrass control creates a barrier on the surface to prevent weeds from sprouting, and a thatching after the treatment will destroy the barrier and make the control worthless. So you know, just don’t do it.
Now here’s the plan for the landscape…
  • 1st: Horticultural oil
    This needs to be done early in the spring (another short window). It suffocates the eggs and young insects
  • 2nd: Fertilizer Treatment
    This should be done early to mid spring. (So either before or during the first bloom. Allow the spring to begin before applying, don’t force a growth)

Alright, so that is the spring game plan so far.

I hope it has peaked your interest and inspired you to make this the lawn that will be the talk of the town. Just follow this plan and make this spring the best one yet!

Ready, set, LAWN!