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Tips & Tricks For A Better Lawn

Great Care Lawn Service provides you with complete lawn care services. Part of our service is to pass along important information for a healthy lawn and landscape. Check out our Insider Secrets Document, our blog, and as a customer we provide specific plans for your property.

1: Mowing

One of the best ways to improve the health and look of your lawn is by creating good mowing habits. When the grass is cut, the growing points of the leaf are cut and branch out to become thicker and denser. It is very similar to working out at the gym. As you tear apart the muscle during your workout, they heal and become stronger. So every time you cut your lawn properly, it becomes stronger.

  • Keep Your Mower Working Order
  • Cut At The Proper Height
  • Vary Your Cutting Pattern
  • Leave The Bag In The Shed

2: Watering

Most lawns require at least 1 inch of water per week. A rain sensor can help track the amount of rainfall in a given week. Of course, a severe rain storm may provide over an inch of water in a couple hours, but the majority of this water will run off the lawn. Your lawn will need to absorb 1 inch of water. Running your system a few minutes at a time and just misting the lawn is not recommended.

3: Fertilizer Program

A fertilizer program is critical to creating a strong and healthy lawn. A good program will not only give the grass a nice green leaf, but also strengthen and deepen the root system that will help tolerate drought and disease. Weed and insect control should be part of the program to protect the lawn. Always use a season specific fertilizer and follow the label exactly.

4: Seasonal Lawn Care

Thatching the lawn in Spring will help remove any snow mold or dead spots caused by the Winter. The timing of this process is important. The soil needs to dry out after the snow melts, but early in the spring with the first mowing is ideal. In the Fall one of the most beneficial things you can do for your lawn is to do a core aeration. This process removes cork sized plugs from the ground and leaves them lying on the grass. It allows air, water and nutrients to get down into the soil. The fall is also a great time to get some seed down. The seed needs to make some connection with the soil, so just throwing some seed down on will result in minimal germination. You can read a more thorough explanation of these seasonal tips, and all of our lawn care tips, in our Insider Secrets Document!

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