1303, 2024

Spring lawn care!

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it is already MARCH. March is just one step away from April and you know what they say about April… April showers bring May flowers. And you know what the say about showers… showers are the weather of spring. Which means that April [...]

603, 2024

10% Prepay Discount is now available

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Hey everyone, over the winter and early into the season we offer the option to prepay your program for the year. It's 10% if you would like to take advantage of it. It's a simple way to 'automate' your lawn care. Even if you don't want to take advantage of [...]

1205, 2022

Weeds! Dandelions, clover, violets

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As the weather turns a little bit warmer and we are now in the growing season, those weeds that weren't there several days ago, are now all over the lawn. What do you do with a lawn full of weeds? In particular the mid spring weeds that are popping up [...]

203, 2022

Say Good-Bye to fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Tick and Mosquito Control!!

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Protect your family and pets from ticks and mosquitos that potentially carry deadly illnesses like Lyme disease, West Nile and EEE. Take care of the threat with our Tick and Mosquito Program. Our licensed and trained technicians focus on where ticks and mosquitos live -- on the perimeter of the [...]

1801, 2022

Great Care Team!

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Tired of a job that grinds you down, with no real opportunity for advancement? Long days trying to finish your list, just to have more properties added to it? Are you tired of working more and more, just be rewarded with more work? Clock in early in the [...]

1304, 2021

Horticultural Dormant Oil Sprays

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Woolly Adelgids Vs. Horticultural Oils Most of us have heard of Aphids, but many have no clue what an Adelgid is. Adelgid are essentially the conifer version of an Aphid. They use a sucking mouthpart to rob conifers of essential moisture and nutrients the tree needs to thrive and survive. [...]

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