Tree & Shrub Program

5 Seasonal Applications

Our Tree & Shrub Program consists of 5 seasonal treatments. You invest a lot in your landscape, and this program helps maintain and protect your investment. This program aligns with our lawn care program, providing a lot of value for a very low cost.

Horticultural & Dormant Oil

Horticultural oil is an oil that can be applied to plants to control insects, mites and diseases. This spray suffocates hibernating larvae and eggs before they hatch. It is recommended to spray trees and bushes (especially hemlocks), early in the spring

Deep Root Injection

Our team will apply a deep root fertilizer to the root systems of your trees or shrubs to help promote overall healthy growth and root system development. This is a fundamental step in our 5 treatment program that serves as the foundation for future treatments.

We are an eco-friendly business that offers organic alternatives and we always strive to improve resource conservation.

Insect & Disease Spray

First Application

Our two-step insect and disease spray treatment is simple yet effective. Our professional team will apply a foliar spray solution consisting of general insecticide and fungicide to wash away harmful pests and protect your trees and shrubbery from harmful insects and disease.

Insect & Disease Spray

Second Application

Our team will return to your property later in the season to apply a second foliar spray. For this application, we use another general solution of the same insecticide along with a different fungicide* to ensure proper prevention.
*Fungus will become resilient to a singular fungicide so we vary products with each spray.

Winter Protection Service

Our team sprays a thorough application of Transfilm in late Fall to provide durable Winter protection for shrubs and trees. A TransFilm application prior to the harsh New England Winter also helps reduce temperature shock to plants, shrubs, and sod from sudden early frosts.

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