Protect your family and pets from ticks and mosquitos that potentially carry deadly illnesses like Lyme disease, West Nile and EEE. Take care of the threat with our Tick and Mosquito Program.

New Bait Uses Mosquitoes' Love of Malaria Parasite to Bite Them Back - Scientific AmericanOur licensed and trained technicians focus on where ticks and mosquitos live — on the perimeter of the property, around the foundation of the house, all mulch beds, structures, wood piles, etc. The spray is very effective with killing ticks and will drastically reduce the mosquito population.

tick | Taxonomy, Description, Species, & Facts | BritannicaOur program consists of monthly sprays and on request as needed. Do you have a party coming up? Let us know and we can plan on spraying right before. The products we use have a 3-6 week residual effect, but they are most effective right after a spray.

We have two options with the products we use – bifenthrin and an organic option called Essentria IC3.

Bifenthrin is a chemical and is more effective with it’s knockdown and also a longer residual effect. The organic option has a primary ingredient of Rosemary oil, geroniol, and peppermint oil. Although not as effective as bifenthrin, it still gets the job done.

With either option, it’s recommended to stay away from the area until dry, typically about 2 hours.

Are these treatments safe?

Give us a call or send us an email to get a price and more information, specific to your property.