Tired of a job that grinds you down, with no real opportunity for advancement? Long days trying to finish your list, just to have more properties added to it? Are you tired of working more and more, just be rewarded with more work? Clock in early in the morning, handed a long list of clients to complete, daily service calls from upset clients, long hours, exhausted at the end of the day, and then repeat, and repeat, and repeat. 

Sound familiar? Of course it does,

And the worst part?.. After years of doing this, there are no real transferable skills to take with you. Your skill set is limited to treating lawns and if you ever stop treating lawns, it will be difficult to find a new job. I have tremendous respect for this job and the challenges of it. Not only is it physically demanding, it requires knowledge, precision and patience. But if you are questioning what your future may be with this job, the options may be limited.

Our hope – this training program provides you with great value beyond treating lawns. To be clear, the job is to be a lawn technician, and that is what you are applying for. But while you do that job, we train and walk you through every aspect of what our company provides. We call it our Great Care System. It’s a specific and deliverable way in which we treat our clients. Through marketing, the sales process, onboarding, providing the ongoing service, and how to handle customer requests – it’s all done with a deliberate purpose.  ‘Creating customers for life’. Here are some of the things we train you in:

  • Being a professional technician
  • Marketing and lead generation
  • Town analysis
  • Selling, door to door sales, pricing
  • Scheduling/routing
  • Invoicing/Billing
  • Collections
  • How to easily upsell our services
  • Software training
  • and much more!..   

If this seems like it may have some value to you, please continue to read, or go ahead and APPLY HERE.

Are you a business minded, hard working individual? Then this training is perfect for you. We start you out with an introduction to our company, the services we provide, and then into our sales training. This training starts with the programs we offer, products, pricing, and quickly gets into our Great Care System concepts. We market and sell in a specific way that allows us to be completely honest with a potential client.  There is a certain way in which we talk about lawn issues and potential customer complaints that puts us in a position of authority over the issue. We’ll go over a town analysis which targets a certain area, and get you out selling door to door. As our technician base grows, it’s important to grow our client list as well. And this selling technique is an incredible tool to have available. And there is no better way to learn something then to teach it to someone else. Door to door sales provides all of that.

The training continues from there and if you want more information, APPLY HERE.  

In addition to the training, here are some of the things you get with this position:

  • $25/hr to start
  • $1,000 bonus and a raise on day 50
  • $1,000 bonus and a raise on day 100
  • Flexible schedule – work your ‘best hours’
  • Retirement plan
  • Weekly bonus opportunities
  • Monthly bonus opportunities
  • Quarterly massage at Beyond Still Waters
  • Quarterly profit sharing
  • Commission – % and fixed pay
  • License renewals
  • Use of company equip
  • And of course, training of our Great Care System

If any or all of this sounds compelling, then come meet us for a free lunch and we can walk you through it. It is a process to get hired and that process starts with applying today. The next step is to meet us at our garage in Worcester for an open interview. We conduct group interviews most Tuesdays from 12:00 – 1:00. Our goal is to make you one of the best techs in the area, but also provide you with skills that go beyond treating lawns. We teach you everything about our business and how we run it. At some point in the near future, you will be completely independent and working with your own team to handling hundreds, even thousands of customers.

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Great Care Team