What is better than an outdoor barbeque with friends and family? An outdoor barbeque without bugs!!! YES, YES, YES!! NO BUGS!! And for as low as $50 per treatment, you can have a bug free yard!

The quickest way to send everyone to their cars or force them inside is when the mosquitoes start buzzing or when the first tick is found. The annoyance of swatting them away and trying to keep the kids from getting bit will quickly destroy an outdoor party. Here is a little bit of information about ticks and mosquitoes and also our solution for you. Contact us at 855-446-9293 or fill out the form to the right to hear more about it.

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These pests enjoy similar habitats and live off the blood of animal hosts. You will not find them in the well manicured areas of your property, but more so along the perimeter of the wood line, high grass and many other untouched areas.  Some of these areas can also include leaf, wood or branch piles, under and around the foundation of the house or deck, swing sets, sheds and rock walls.  Our applications will target all of these areas with a back pack blower that disperses the particles into a spray. This process will apply more particles per square foot than either a liquid spray or fogging.   Image result for mosquitoes

Our applications are a safe and effective way to kill ticks and to drastically reduce the mosquito population in the unkept areas of your lawn.  The kids and pets will be safe to enter these areas a couple hours after the treatment is applied, and will be safe from bugs.  The adults hanging out in on the lawn will be safe from swatting and worrying about the kids. Contact us by filling out the form to the right to set up a program and rid your lawn today of unwanted pests for the summer. Our prices start as low as $30 per treatment!

These applications really sell themselves, because we’ve all been bit and suffered the allergic reactions.  But if you need more convincing or are still reading, than here are some extreme dangers of these insects.  The more common diseases of ticks and mosquitoes are lyme disease, eastern equine encephalits (EEE) and west nile virus.  All of which can be fatal if not caught quick enough, and could have long

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lasting implications.  The less common disease from ticks is the Powassan virus, but it may not be a less common problem for long.  These diseases are incredible dangerous and many of you probably have some level of experience with them, either yourself or a relative.

Our prices our incredibly competitive and our service extremely consistent, click to hear about our Service Guarantee.  The potential dangers presented and the joys of not having these insects around, please call us to go over the program and pricing for your lawn. You will be surprised how affordable and the great results you’ll see.  Click back to our homepage and fill out our contact form.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more information


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