We can treat your property with a liquid spray that is dispersed in areas where ticks and mosquitoes live. It is an odorless product that leaves no visible residue and is primarily used for bi-monthly and quarterly pest control.  Each application is the same and can last up to two months.  We suggest to treat your property 5 times a year with your scheduled lawn care visits. That will be a consistent spray that will keep your property mosquito and tick free for the entire season.  Image result for tick and mosquito spray

The application is more effective directly after it is applied.  It will have a residual affect for a while but does lose it’s potency as time goes by. Mosquitoes can come back quicker than ticks because a windy day could take all of your neighbors bugs into your yard.  However, the application will drastically reduce the population on your property, and the difference is very noticeable.

6 weeks is a good time frame to spray for bugs, so an easy schedule is to time it with your lawn care treatments.  We can however spray as often as you would like.  Each property will have different habitats that will be more or less hospitable for insects, so an individual analysis may have to be done.  Living in a wooded area with water nearby will probably be in more need of sprays than a dry property in a city street.  We can adjust as needed.

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Call our office or fill out our contact form to get in contact with us and we can give you a price and some ideas on the program that best fits your property. If your property does need more than the recommended 5 sprays, than we can lower the price per treatment. And as an added bonus, if you have read this far down, you deserve a special price for the first application.  We are confident you’ll be happy with the results that you will want more. So mention this blog post and we’ll give you half off the first treatment (up to $75).  We’ll give you a price, and then slash it in half for the first visit. I personally spray my property and the difference is very noticeable.  I think you’ll feel the same way.


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Tick and Mosquito Sprays in Worcester, MA