Okay, picture spending a beautiful day in your back yard with your friends and family. Now, picture constantly having to be making sure ticks aren’t crawling on anyone… or maybe picture constantly having to swat mosquitoes away from you and your friends. The picture started to not look very fun, right? That’s right, because ticks and mosquitoes are not fun.Image result for ticks

They’re more than just annoying bugs, though. Ticks and mosquitoes are also common carriers of diseases such as Lyme disease, eastern equine encephalitis, and west Nile virus. These diseases can all be fatal if not caught early enough. Which simply gives even more reason for not wanting ticks and mosquitoes surrounding your property.

Both these insects thrive in the same habitats, and they won’t be hiding in the nicely-kept areas of your lawn. They usually can be seen under and around the foundation of the house or deck, swing sets, sheds, or simply any leaf or branch pile you could have.

Image result for fleasThese unkept areas of your lawn could be the thriving home base for ticks and mosquitoes everywhere, but there are some things that can be done to reclaim your home. We have applications that safely and effectively kill ticks while at the same time drastically reducing the mosquito population. The treatment could be as little as $50, and a couple hours after it has been applied, you won’t have to be worrying about ticks or mosquitoes. Your kids or pets or family or friends could wander and have fun without feeling a tick crawling up their leg or hitting mosquitoes away from their arms.

The application is a liquid spray that is dispersed where ticks and mosquitoes live – along the wood line, foundation of the house, all beds, wood piles, leaf piles, swing sets, etc. It is safe with no visible residue and each application dispersed lasts up to two months. Along with your scheduled lawn care visits, we suggest that you add this application five times a year for consistent protection from mosquitoes and ticks all season long. If your lawn is more or less hospitable for insects, we can work to figure out how many treatments are truly necessary to keep the bugs away.

This application loses its potency as time goes on, and mosquitoes may come back quicker than ticks. However, this application will drastically reduce the tick and mosquito population. If you want to rid your lawn of these biting, blood-sucking insects then call our office and we can help. Once sprayed, you can spend a beautiful day in your back yard with your family and friends.