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Your Lawn and Hydroseeding

In order to find out the importance of hydroseeding, we need to know what it is and its benefits for your lawn. Moreover, why has hydroseeding quickly grown (haha, pun intended) in popularity in recent years? In short, hydroseeding involves a combination of seeds, mulch, fertilizer, and perhaps a weed control all mixed in water. This mixture is swirled around and stored in a hydroseeding tank. The tank has large hoses and a strong pump to spray the mix virtually anywhere. The goal of hydroseeding is quick germination without the seeds being disrupted by wind or heavy rains.

Hydroseeding Yields Better Results

This method in seeding your yard has grown in popularity because it has yielded better results compared to regular seeding. It is considered to be much more efficient while getting more bang for your buck. This method is also ideal for anyone who lives in an area where dry heat tends to persist. The water that is mixed into the hydroseeding process injects an abundance of humidity into the seeds. This stimulates growth at the beginning of germination. You still have to remember to water your lawn on a regular basis to keep the grass green and healthy, however. The seeds will also sprout much faster with the hydroseeding method.

Using Hydroseeding in Existing Lawns

Why do some use hydroseeding in existing lawns? The fact is that hydroseeding can also be used to reinvigorate existing lawns. It can also help to prevent the growth of weeds as we can put a liquid weed preventer to keep weeds from germinating. It can even be used to fill in those bare spots in the grass. Rest assured that you will notice the difference in just a matter of days. A landscaper may also recommend hydroseeding to stop erosion or to reduce the amount of dust pollution in the air.

What is Hydroseeding? Hydroseeding 101 - Superior Groundcover

A Good Time to Hydroseed Your Lawn

When is a good time to hydroseed your lawn? We recommend the spring and fall months, the growing seasons. These months are ideal because the weather is cooler and a great time for lawns to thrive. Make sure that you plan to seed your lawn early in the season, so it can get the most out of the mild weather. In the spring, it’s important for the ground to warm up, so don’t hyrdroseed to early. The last thing you want to do is hydroseed your yard at the end of a season where summer or winter is set to begin. Any types of extreme weather can hinder or completely stop the growth of your new lawn. Do not hydroseed in the middle of summer or in the middle of winter.


An Effective Method That Works

The Hydroseeding method is such an effective method that landscapers use this alternative for athletic fields, commercial landscapes and parks. The cost varies on the size of the area needed. We do charge a minimum, but you can expect to pay around 18 cents per square foot, which averages $900 for lawns of 5,000 square feet. The area needs to be prepped and we will show up and spray. We use a premium blend of paper mulch, top quality seed, 19-19-19 starter fertilizer and a bio-stimulant to really encourage growth. And depending on the time and area, we’ll used a tackifier and perhaps a gel to help with water rentention.


Remember the importance of properly hydroseeding your lawn, which will include planting the seeds in the right season. These methods will give you the results you want for your lawn. Hopefully these tips and ideas help with making your decision.

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