DIMENSION 0.10% Plus Fertilizer is an herbicide that provides control of crabgrass and other grassy weeds, as well as some broadleaf weeds in established lawns.

This product is labeled for ‘pre-emergence and early post emergence control’. The granular treatment can be a little bit of a stretch with the ‘post’ control though, the liquid can be effective with very early stages of crabgrass growth, but not the granular. The label does state that it will control crabgrass up to 4 weeks after germination.

We apply this product once in the spring, the ground temp dictates when the window ends. We apply at a rate of 4.13lbs/1,000 sqft which provides prevention for 4-6 months. Given the rate and coverage, we only need the only treatment for coverage from April through August. There may be times when a treatment applied in early April will breakdown around the 4 month mark and not provide any more coverage at the end of summer when crabgrass is at its strongest. The breakdown can be accelerated with extreme heat and drought.

Once applied, dimension does prevent grass from germinating much like it prevents grassy weeds. Need to wait 12 weeks before any type of seeding or sprigging.

Crabgrass loves the sun and doesn’t grow in shady areas. We avoid those areas and will treat with just fertilizer as part of an integrated pest management plan – don’t use chemicals unless needed. No need to apply an herbicide to an area where weeds won’t grow.

Very dry post, but informative about the product we use.