What is Great Care Plus? It’s our 6 Step Program with added services, wrapped into a convenient monthly payment. It is a membership for your lawn and the results will launch your lawn into the greatest on the block! It’s completely unique and provides your lawn with exactly what it needs. Let’s take a look

Great Care Plus is new this year in 2021 and we are very excited to get it going on your lawn this spring!! We are adding some great services to our portfolio which should give substantial results – biostimulants, liquid dethatchings, aerify products, moisture retention and more. We have modified our program over the years to add humics and biostimulants while cutting back on the macro nutrients. We have been cutting back on chemical usage as well and this is a big step towards farther cutting back. Most add on products this year are organic and stimulate soil health.

Macro vs Micro?

The macro nutrients in a lawn are the 3 numbers that are right across the label of a fertilizer bag. It’s the N-P-K formula, nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium. Traditional lawn programs concentrate on these macros, especially the Nitrogen. This element causes growth and green up in the lawn. It is a quick way to make a lawn look better.

The mWhat Macro and Micro Nutrients Do for Your Lawn | Organic Lawn Care Storeicro elements are not as prominent as the macros, but have a significant impact on the lawn – iron, magnesium, copper, boron, zinc. These are needed in lesser amounts and can be found within the soil itself (macros are in the soil too). Adding biostimulants, doing a liquid dethatching and also an aerify spray, triggers these elements to have more of an impact. So without adding all of these nutrients, we can apply products that unleash them and give the lawn a substantial health boost.


N-Ext – Yard Mastery



Here is a list of the ‘Plus’ services;

  • liquid dethatcher
  • liquid aeration
  • biostimulants, (humic, RGS)
  • hydretan (moisture retention treatment)
  • fungicide

All of these work well and are added to the 6 step program. The combination will launch your lawn into the best on the block (unless we treat your neighbor’s lawn).

This can get overwhelming especially knowing which product to use and when. Get in touch with us and we can work with you to set up a plan within your budget to maximize your lawn.



Are You Penny Wise and Pound Foolish? ⋆ Camp FIRE Finance

‘Penny wise and pound foolish’. An old English phrase warning of trying to save pennies while risking pounds. When it comes to lawn care, it can be easy to cut the budget and harm results. Trying to save a few $ can jeopardize the many $ you already spent. Spending $500 to seed a lawn but skipping the starter fertilizer to save $50.