Mowing a lawn seems simple enough… just pull the string really hard or climb onto the cushioned seat and start forth toward a tamed lawn and pleased neighbors. Maybe it really is that simple.

BUT have you ever stopped to consider that maybe every single mowing strategy or technique you have devoted yourself to coImage result for lawn mowinguld possibly be doing more harm than good? OR have you ever considered that every single mowing strategy or technique you’ve relied on is actually 100% correct and absolute perfection? (dang, good job)

No matter which category you fall in, checking in and making sure you’re doing the absolute best you can for your lawn is quite a wise decision! So read on. Educate yourself. Grow your mind as to be able to properly care for your home. Stand up for your lawn’s right to look healthy and beautiful.

Okay… so let’s get to the actual tips.
  • When should you mow?Image result for mowing stripes
    • Later in the evening (for those cooler temperatures) on DRY grass
  • How often and which pattern should you mow in? Try not to depend on any sort of schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, whenever your daughter comes home from college). Instead, mow based on the length of your lawn.
  • Frequency depends on your individual grass, BUT it is good to remember never to cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. (so cut when it’s around 3.5 – 3.75 inches)
  • But what if you waited too long??
    • That’s okay! Just raise the mower height and cut it once, then lower the deck and cut it to the proper height! See? It all works out.
    • Be careful not to cut the lawn too short! This is called scalping.
  • VARY your cutting pattern
    • One week, go east to west
    • Next week? North and south.
    • Next one? Why, go diagonally! Not only will it prevent ruts that your mower may create over time, but it will also add some excitement to spice up your gardening ritual.
  • Okay, okay, okay, but what is the correct height for grass?
    • Early Spring – Keep the height of the grass around 2.5 inches
    • Summer months – Raise the mower deck high, at least 3 inches (more shade for soil). The hotter, the higher.
    • Fall – Lower the deck back to 2.5 inches
  • Also, don’t bag. If cut with a sharp blade at the proper height, the clippings provide nutrients that will break back down into the soil.

I have to say though, all of this is pointless if you don’t keep your lawn mower in good condition! Start by keeping it clean every week, then go here, Lawn Mower Maintenance, for some great ways to keep your mowing running great.

Okay, so I hope this provided some valuable information for all you lawn mowers! My own personal preferences also involve some good noise defying headphones and some rockin’ jams to really get the vibe pumpin’, but that’s up to you. The rest though, the rest you should seriously try to follow! It’s possible that reading through this and actually following these tips could take you from worst looking lawn in the neighborhood to the very first recipient of the prettiest, most well-kept lawn in the neighborhood award.

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