Red thread has been a very common problem over the past several weeks and it may still be a problem on your lawn.  Although no real danger to your lawn, it does taint the color and may be discouraging to look at.  Check out the article posted to find out some great information on red thread. 

The basics are it is a fungus that establishes itself in prolonged wet weather.  Red thread appears in patches and has a light tan look to it.  Common around late May and early June.  It needs to be grown out, so consistent treatments and high nitrogen applications help.  For a few cuttings, bag the clippings and dump them off the property.  Removing the clippings off the lawn is not usually advised, but the fungus needs to be removed.  At this point in the season, however, if red thread is still in your lawn, a fungicide is probably needed to clear it up.

Ticks also remain a problem, even as the weather warms and dries.  Contact us to set up a fungicide or a tick treatment. 

Thanks for checking in! ~ Andy