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Lawn care

'Best Price Guarantee'

If you are in search of a lawn care provider, you've come to the right place. Great Care Lawn Service of Worcester, MA is here to help with your search by offering our pricing as a guideline. Use the tab below to calculate your lawn, then use our guide as a reference.  

A long term relationship starts with an honest price. Our 'Best Price Guarantee' provides an accurate price upfront and we keep it. We measure the property online and then our technician approves the price when on site. If a change is needed, we honor the first price and corrections are made for future treatments.    

Fertilizer application prices

• 5k Square Ft. - $30 per application

• 10k Square Ft. - $55 per application

• 15k Square Ft. - $78 per application

• 20k Square Ft. - $98 per application

• 25k Square Ft. - $105 per Application

• 30k Square Ft. - $120 per application

• 40k Square Ft. - $145 per application

Grub control - 2.5x this price.

Turf fertilizer with lime - 2x this price.


We also offer an effective organic program. Call to know more about these prices.

Comprehensives services

  • Lawn care programs

  • Tree and shrub programs

  • Tick and mosquito applications

  • Aerations and seeding.

  • We can also provide specialized treatments that may be specific to your lawn, including, but not limited to fungicides and insect controls

Pay in full for a season and get 10% off total cost.



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