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Great Care For Great Customers

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What Great Care customers receive from us

Your program consists of 6 granular treatments along with liquid weed control as needed. Each application is season specific and will be scheduled approximately 6 weeks apart. Your program also comes with complimentary service visits per request, in between scheduled applications. We provide this program throughout central MA.  

We provide advanced notice of each visit and show up on schedule. Each treatment is applied professionally with high quality fertilizer (and alot of it!). You will receive an accurate invoice (both paper and email), as well as helpful information for a healthy lawn. Every time we are on your property, weed control will applied as needed.

  • Round 1 - Crabgrass Control with Fertilizer

  • Round 2 - Turf Fertilizer

  • Round 3 - Grub Control with Fertilizer

  • Round 4 - Turf Fertilizer

  • Round 5 - Turf Fertilizer with Lime

  • Round 6 - Winterizer

  • Spring Lime - applied with round 1

Additional services

  • Fungicides

  • Water Surfactants

  • Core Aerations

  • Over Seeding

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Our pricing and our services are upfront so you can compare the two. Contact us for a price and we can go over the program in great detail with you.

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