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Tree Shrub care

How does the program work?

Our Tree/Shrub Program consists of 5 seasonal treatments. You invest a lot in your landscape, and this program helps maintain and protect your it. This program aligns with our lawn care program, providing a lot of value for a very low cost.

Great Care Lawn Service of Worcester, MA offers you an effective program that helps your trees and shrubs receive proper nutrients and protection from insects and disease. With each visit, we apply the proper treatment and also monitor your ornamental landscaping. Check out the treatments below;

Helping your landscape bloom

  • Horticultural and Dormant Oil - This spray suffocates hibernating larvae and eggs before they hatch

  • Fertilizer - deep root  fertilizer to promote overall growth and health

  • Anti-Desiccant Spray - Reduces winter burn by spraying a waxy, protective covering over the leaves and stems. This will limit moisture loss throughout the winter  

Protect your trees and shrubs

  • Insect/disease spray - The spray will wash away harmful pests and protect your landscape from insects and disease. We monitor and may spray twice

  • Fall Fertilizer - A granular fertilizer spread at the base of the trees and shrubs to promote overall growth and health for the plant

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