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Great Care Lawn Service provides you with complete lawn care services to help make sure your lawn is taken care of. Approximately every 42 days we will be out to treat your lawn. In between visits, follow our tips below to make sure your lawn grows as strong and dense.

Along with our tips and advice, we also offer complimentary service calls in between scheduled visits. We make ourselves available to you, FREE of charge to handle any weed problems or answer any questions you might have. Please talk to your personal technician any time for feedback and advice on how to take proper care of your lawn.

Mowing techniques to use

  • During spring, cut your lawn ever 4-5 days

  • Keep your lawn mower in good condition. Click here for info

  • Keep the height of the lawn consistent. Every spring, keep the height 2.5 inches high. In summer, keep it at 3 inches and in the fall, lower it back to 2.5 inches.

  • Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade

  • Change your mowing pattern every time you mow your lawn.

Watering techniques

  • When watering your lawn, take into account the type of soil you have, the amount of rainfall that gets absorbed and the calibration of your irrigation system.

  • Watering your lawn once a week for 1 inch is better than doing it every day at 1/7 of an inch.

  • Water in the morning before the dawn every three days for about 1/2 inch of water

  • Make sure your lawn is dry overnight to prevent diseases

  • Too much water will cause fungus and too less water will cause browning.

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