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As the season changes, the way you take care of your lawn also changes. Giving your lawn the same treatment in winter as you did in summer is only going to ruin your previous effort and make your lawn look messy. Our seasonal landscaping services are just the thing you need to handle maintenance of your lawn.

The seasonal landscaping service from Great Care Lawn Service of Worcester, MA aims at providing suitable solutions for all your lawn and landscape needs. You will benefit by having a fuller and lusher lawn.

Benefit from aerations

Our seasonal landscaping consists of 2 main services, one of which is known as the aerations process. We highly recommend that you do core aeration, not spike, every fall. This will overturn the soil, increase the water and nutrient intake, decrease the thatch layer and stimulate root growth. In addition, over seeding of any bare spots during the fall will also prove to be beneficial.

Effective lawn maintenance

Slice seeding is another process we could do to help your lawn in the fall. Although this is a more aggressive process, it proves to be more effective than over seeding. We recommend you do this process in the fall as over seeding in spring can cause crab grass. However, if seeding is needed in spring, we'll offer you this service at a reduced price in the fall as touchup or reseeding will be required.

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