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As the season changes, the services change. Spring - clean up the property, de-thatch the lawn, edge and mulch the beds. Fall - clean up the leaves, aerate and seed the lawn. We provide a variety of services, so let us know what you need.  

Seasonal services from Great Care Lawn Service of Worcester, MA will help your lawn reach its potential. The growing season (spring/fall) is the best time for these services. We advise our customers of their specific lawn needs. 

Core Aerations

A core aeration of the lawn is one of the single most beneficial things you can do. The process pulls cork sized plugs from the ground. This will overturn the soil, increase the water and nutrient intake, decrease the thatch layer and stimulate root growth. Once this is done, it's a good idea to get some seed down.

Lawn Seeding

Slice seeding is a more aggressive process that will encourage better germination. We recommend you do this process in the fall as we are moving away from the hotter weather. However, if seeding is needed in spring, we'll offer you this service at a reduced price in the fall as touchup or reseeding will be required.

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