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Great Care is not currently for sale. Thank you for your interest!

The lawn care industry is thriving and so is Great Care, so why join our team?

Want to Know How to Start a Great Lawn Care Franchise? Call us today!



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These bullet points only scratch the surface of what the Great Care system offers. If you would like to hear more, click the link below and fill out the form. By doing so, we'll immediately send you more information, along with 5 daily emails to explain the opportunity available.

In these 5 emails, you'll learn the following;

Great Care Lawn Service is a new franchise looking to expand into your area. Specific territories are being targeted as a ‘soft launch’ to find interested buyers. We are looking for the best people to help grow our brand. You should have experience in the field, be self-motivated and have a great capacity to learn. Our process is to find qualified people and not to spam your account. Let’s get the conversation started and see if we can work together to build a great brand!

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1. Why invest in the lawn care industry

2. Clarity is king – what we do and how we do it

3. Marketing – we focus on 5 major areas to acquire customers

4. Online package

5. Cost (spoiler alert – we are the lowest in the market)

  • We are a 21st century company, modern and efficient

  • We provide flexibility to reach your personal goals

  • Strong support system

  • Training in the Great Care system and business education

  • Clarity of day to day operations

  • Growth opportunities beyond your territory